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  1. hey if u want in hit me up on xbox ill get u into infa red

  2. What happened? SA...nothing but old memories that fade away

  3. well look at who was nice enough to put me in there siggy

  4. hey do u know an all girls squad in ksi

  5. Whats up girl...well I have been on and off from KSI for almost 6 years now just been in good contact with some of my friends and seeing how things are going and as a favor I'm back now and trying to see what I can do to make it a success lol well hope to see you around take care and hope your having fun bye for now.

  6. just been working on graphics

  7. yep we havent. im trying to start a rainbow six vegas 2 squad, how about you

  8. well hey to you too. how long have u been in ksi