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  1. well look at who was nice enough to put me in there siggy

  2. yep we havent. im trying to start a rainbow six vegas 2 squad, how about you

  3. well hey to you too. how long have u been in ksi

  4. im bord. and i wish i could be partying. lol

  5. do you know if it has been 2 weeks since my last siggy

  6. sa. and i havent got my new ksi tag in any clan yet.

  7. welcome to ksi. lol. joking, hi, thank for the compliment again.


  9. ill ask my founder about you joining, we see what he say. ill get back with you.

  10. ok. but it would have to be on halo 2.

  11. i wanna play some ksi people on halo 2. i wanna see if i can beat anyone on here. lol

  12. cause i dont have a bunch of money. lol

  13. lol. sounds like fun fun fun.

  14. lol, ok, ill add you as soon as i get on.

  15. im not getting on tonight so add me if u remember to. i might not remember to add u. lol. [email protected]