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  1. is back!! lovin my boys :P

  2. is back!! lovin my boys :P

  3. heii yea sure ill let u know but id be on vacation by the time my console is back..=[ but just hola at me!!

  4. hmm well it works so cool ;]

  5. hmm..i wasn't gonna leave a comment but i read ur about me and i feel like im obligated to leave one =] he he..well hi i guess

  6. say wat? figured wat out? grr..that's not fair u know.so tell me now..=] thanks he he!

  7. heeii..wats up blackpitch!

  8. cool..are u filipino? hmm just wondering coz i see urphilippine flag avatar =]

  9. ha ha okeeiii then oh well we're legal so yaya!! and thnx i had great bday with my family =]..

  10. dada bigman..? is this u? lilbigman ryt? if not he he im sorry i guess =[

    it's candykisses

  11. awww.. thank u!! i know im so old..grr=[

  12. yep well..so ill get to talk to u guys again i kinda missed it =]

  13. oh clan.net yea i remember that site..cool that u got it back..ill be online soon =P

  14. oh i'd love to but then i still dont have my 360 til the 25th of next month..kinda sucks..so how's ksi?

  15. nOtHing..JusT cHeCkiN My oLd FriEnds SiNce i Havent BeeN oN tHis siTe fOr 48 yRs nOw ^.^

  16. heii u too!! ha ha wats up mister?

  17. oh hei there..sori i havent been on for 48 yrs now..^.^ hmm i guess i'll try to get on but im not really sure okae but hit me up on here anytime or on my [email protected] okae?

  18. hey..wats good? and about goin back onlive i doubt it. wont be til january..sorry! why wat up?

  19. nah..my lil bro took it, 2 days ago..

  20. oh about playing..i cant play i dont have my 360..but yea im sittin here killing myself..im so bored!