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    KSI, playing COD4, hanging out with my friends and fixing computers/ junk. I'm also an editor and vidoegrapher. I attend the University of Memphis as a computer engineering student.(BEST NCAA BASKETBALL RECORD OF 2007/2008)

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  1. Ragnaroks 7

    Clash of Clans

    I play this more than any of the games on my xbox, lol I love it.
  2. Ragnaroks 7

    Skype... no thx I'll use Razer Comms!

    So you will actually get on this one, It's rare to see you on skype.
  3. Ragnaroks 7

    To shave it or save it

    I shave my beard like every couple of months and every time I do, I feel like **** and instantly regret it. KEEP IT!
  4. Wish i could chill in the sb, lol!

  5. Ragnaroks 7

    Raising Money for KSI

    Most of those post have been quoted in this topic.
  6. Ragnaroks 7

    Raising Money for KSI

  7. Ragnaroks 7

    Raising Money for KSI

  8. Ragnaroks 7

    Raising Money for KSI

    We have a bigger member base than most community forums I see doing it. This forum is pretty big http://www.iplaycod.com/forums/ , there paid memberships are called prestige groups, and they offer alot for the paid members. I dont think a paid subscription would work for us right now, but alot of the perks they offer could be tailored to us.
  9. Ragnaroks 7

    Raising Money for KSI

    I know other forums have special or VIP groups for people who donate, with special name change permissions, themes etc.
  10. Plz DON'T send JT any pm"s about me getting red. DONT

    1. Shido 7

      Shido 7

      however, about ME, is a different story <3 lol,

  11. -Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank--Spank- 31 for you, Boo <3

  12. I hope that you had an awesome birthday. :)