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    KSI, playing COD4, hanging out with my friends and fixing computers/ junk. I'm also an editor and vidoegrapher. I attend the University of Memphis as a computer engineering student.(BEST NCAA BASKETBALL RECORD OF 2007/2008)

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  1. Ragnaroks 7


    Hello Marcus, how have you been old friend?
  2. Ragnaroks 7


    They are on PS4, @KSI Viktory 7 can assist you.
  3. Ragnaroks 7

    Things you miss about the old ksi

    6 hours a night for like months after like spending every night in a party with him for like a year, you don't want it Airborn, don't do that to yourself, lol.
  4. Ragnaroks 7

    Things you miss about the old ksi

    Nice to you too, and I know that wasn't your intention. They have some fantastic leaders here, they might be over shadowed by some trash here and there, but for the most part a really good group of guys and gals.
  5. Ragnaroks 7

    Things you miss about the old ksi

    Idk if people realize when they post topics like this, how unintentionally insulting it is to the new leaders and members. I read an article the other week, the popularity of apps like kik has surpassed that of social network sites like facebook. I don't honestly think its even possible to get back to the forum activity of yesteryear, unless there is some significant paradigm shift in peoples communication preferences. We have to figure out a way to adopt better to the times. I mean you could be doing so much more productive stuff for your squad, division, or KSI, but hey to each his own. Edit.....I say that as someone's who had the responsibility for a long time of being one of the "Billy wranglers".
  6. Ragnaroks 7


    SoulReaper who was in DH with me?
  7. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    Naw they love us fact checkers, atleast game and cru do, lol.
  8. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    Way to make it sound like a bunch of petty stuff happened, good job Wes, lol.
  9. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    I should probably say this, Apoc, Fuzzy, Wes, and I aren't actually in this KSI outside of this site.
  10. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    Lol well almost....Cru, worstplay, and I were all brought on at the same time. However worst and I were clan ops liaisons, and cru was picked as a judge. Worst and I were basically responsible for passing on the courts rulings to clan ops and making sure they were enforced and what not. But yea Ashley loved me and kept trying to get me pregnant, there were also pork chops involved, but thats a story for another day, lmfao.
  11. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    We got brought onto the courts late 09 i think, cant remember if kalem was still a judge then. Would have to look through the archive.
  12. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

    One of Killaburn's boys, lol.....Yea I'm a helix grad. You got me and fuzzy mod of the join area way back when, which led to be becoming mod, gm, and eventually admin on here. Yea I'm sure kered did hang out with polly, we are ran in the same circles for the most part back then. Tex, munkee, polly, fuzzy, and the rest of the eventual GAO peeps.
  13. Ragnaroks 7

    Kalem's Return

  14. Ragnaroks 7

    Pikachu 7 is back in the HOUSE!

    Get back in your pokeball
  15. I knew a bonez, as I played with AD people alot because of my brother Justin x90 and Livefury when I didnt hate him.