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  1. I lol'd at the previous comment! Just like in medieval times, retarded people are the best entertainment.


  2. you're such a ****ing ******. i wonder if you'll ever get laid. maybe cortona will accept your gay butt ways.

  3. whats up Deep! how you been?

  4. go dancing spartin go!!!!!

  5. Hey, Ink! KSI Th0rn said you joined KSI and found an all-lady's division. Glad to have you in our community. Hope to see you on LIVE sometime!

  6. I have questions about our co-founder

  7. [KSI.D12.actual]: Greetings!


  8. [KSI.D12.actual]: I have no idea what you are referring to.


  9. Your posting habit makes me mad.