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  1. you see mikado sporting an ICP shirt?!

  2. i still cant figure out why the forums look so weird to you. are you using modzilla? also when you getting a picture on here?

  3. your into scrapbooking? your such a mom haha double wink haha

  4. get with swanka and figure out a day and tiem to hold meetings once a week and let me know.

  5. haha the other side of his neck prob has SS tattoo on it....you gotta make a post for me to give you points

  6. youre over all ksi? **** see if i listen

  7. looks like ill have to ask my mom to update your record

  8. im always on just gotta catch me not in a full party, but im glad all you came over!

  9. yeah i know this but if i dont get accepted then i leave in june

  10. well im trying to get into the ROTC program right now but applications are not accepted until march

  11. im in dep right now. i leave in a few months

  12. alright another sailor!

  13. holy crap! please tell me you board if you live there!

  14. hey there! where the heck is vancouver island?

  15. yeah no kidding someone needs a life

  16. where the hell have you been?

  17. you need a life!

  18. haha yeah as long as we grow witht eh right people..but a little friendsly comp doesnt hurt. did you hear anythign about that tho?

  19. get a profile pic kizzle, but please dont break teh server with those ears!

  20. so is this true about the recruiting contest beween sr and sa? ahah is its true looks like our gaming friendship might be tested! ahah jk

  21. looking good EVIL!!!

  22. like nike huh? say hello to redtiger RPD!