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  1. AAP Staff Applications

    Ksi umbreon x Xiled Gods Co founder 7 months I'll like to be more involved in the community as well since I'm part of the news, I was a former award leader for my old community
  2. PSN Name Change?

    wooooooo my first article has 45 views
  3. PSN Name Change?

    Getting the perfect gamertag, for PSN players it’s a maddening thing to talk about; see for the PSN, your gamer tag is attached to your custom email address. Once set you are stuck with it, you can only change your first and last name or create a whole new account. Think for a minute and ask yourself how many times throughout the years have you changed your gamertag on the Xbox? Owning a PSN based console is not for those who have commitment issues. Now I know some will argue and say you can just make a new account, no harm there. For those people I would like to remind you all that yeah while that’s an excellent idea it’s a headache to transfer over all your friends onto the new account, it’s time-consuming, your friends will get tired of it if you keep making new accounts and say goodbye to all your achievements. To get around this headache of a problem you merely change your first and last name on your account and keep your gamertag the same right? But even that gets old fast. Imagine watching Xbox and PC players just be able to change their names whenever they please while you can’t for years on end. Out of annoyance, rationalizing or just hope people eventually began to start rumors about the possibility of one day maybe just maybe the PSN allowing their players to change their names and get the same options on personalization all other gamers have had for far too long. At the PlayStation experience, players were given a reason to continue to hope. Shawn Layden was quick from the beginning of the discussion to let people know that while elves were working on allowing players to change their PSN names, that from merely a technical standpoint it’s a lot harder than you think to correct this issue. He also stated, in his own opinion, Shawn hoped that they would be able to offer the players this feature by PSX 2018 mainly, so he didn’t have to answer this question for another consecutive year in a row. That may not be much, but considering the fact over the years they keep giving new reasons or excuses for the problem of why it’s not offered and taking into account this is the first time we have a possible timeline even if it’s stated as a personal opinion. I will run with it and hope that by this time next year our PSN members are allowed to change up their names whenever they see fit.
  4. KSI Calamitosis awards

    what about the le award since its still the same div but with a new name
  5. Favorite movie

    back to the future, american sniper, deadpool, top gun ,
  6. Admin Request Box.

    thank you
  7. Admin Request Box.

  8. Name something you should never do naked

    travel on a airplane
  9. Admin Request Box.

    can i be removed from t&e team and be left in news
  10. Good Morning KSI!

    welcome to ksi


  13. Name something you should never do naked

    going through a drive thru in a lower car
  14. Name something you should never do naked

    walk into a concert
  15. halo was a good game that started my interest into fps