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  1. you really look like someone i know

  2. you are member 17,249 and im member 17,250-and we both be generals. wierd

  3. pirates suck at life and with the help of my fellow ninja comrades, we shall slaughter them all!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what you doing viewing my profile jk

    Wasssup, first comment, NINJA!!!!!!!

  5. awww... that makes me so sad :ninja:

  6. yay, me not banned. Did you leave ksi?

  7. you tryin ta start somethin??

  8. samarai suck

    and so do you, ninja racist=)

  9. YAy for you whitey(refering to your name)



    (YOU need aninja tag plz)

  10. happy birtday lil lilbigman

  11. not a lot

    mainly recruiting