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  1. wait hayabusa looks like a transformer

  2. yeah that was fun but i think u had too much fun with mac pc haha haha

    u guys love hayabu

  3. it was nice playing with you the other night. HAYABUSA ARMOR!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!

  4. fo sho i dont get on til late but ill shoot you an FR and maybe we can get some games

  5. wut up bruh, hit me up for some customs. holla

  6. hehe, not much. college homework, suxxxxx lol

  7. hahaha say what's up?? wow can't spell dammm it's 4am

  8. Just wanted to pass by and what's up?!

  9. wudup son!!!!!!!!!! we need to do more dubs lol, that was fun .