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  1. I am FuzzyMeep™

    Formally Introducing Myself (:

    hey buddy
  2. Ship of Theseus is the real dilemma

  3. its a well written play; same story different actors

    1. I am FuzzyMeep™

      I am FuzzyMeep™

      i am fuzzymeep sin lol

  4. I am FuzzyMeep™

    Kalem's Return

    I would love to shoot to the **** with you guys again lol, stuffs good, i run a different faction of kSI (long story goes back to 2011) but we all work together well, got some decent members around now adays too
  5. I am FuzzyMeep™

    Kalem's Return

    Whats up man, have not seen you or polly in a loooooong time
  6. I am FuzzyMeep™

    throw back

    yeah pretty much, i just google my self daily and touch my self to the findings...what you been up too airborn also follows that daily regiment but is still googling me.....
  7. I am FuzzyMeep™

    throw back

    whats up GUY how you doin man, long time.....miss you and boomer
  8. I am FuzzyMeep™

    return of KSI Christ 7

    <3 oh just fine big guy how u durrn
  9. I am FuzzyMeep™

    return of KSI Christ 7

  10. I am FuzzyMeep™

    Apex is back again o.O

    welcome back..this is puppy right?
  11. I am FuzzyMeep™


    If you dont like something, change it...if you cant change it, laugh at it Be the Change you want to see
  12. I am FuzzyMeep™

    The Makings of a Great Leader

    or a better example, if in your family all people have a job and the one grocery shopping always gets miracle whip and not manaysse, then they need to be replaced with a better food shopper, not kicked out of the family
  13. I am FuzzyMeep™

    The Makings of a Great Leader

    So you still dont grasp it, it is not you, it is your position...most of my good friends i have made through ksi are either in other clans or no longer in ksi. i never replaced them, but there positions where. i am sorry if you mistook what i said back then and it disgruntled you all these years but when you left here, you were replaced and ksi is still alive however i am sure the people you where good friends with still stayed in touch some what if you cant seperate friend time and leadership time then you should not be a leader. i may love someone like a brother but if they are not doing what is needed to be done then they need to be displaced to another position and replaced end of story.
  14. I am FuzzyMeep™

    The Makings of a Great Leader

    "i dont belong to an ftla i am a student of life" which was the version of ftla i was running then quotinging me out of context and me being the only person named...just seemed weird , "I am power, I can do as I please." and if you think saying anyone is replacable translates to this, i am even more baffled, your mind set was very out of touch in 2011/12
  15. I am FuzzyMeep™

    The Makings of a Great Leader

    Well ****...everyone is replaceable...if you don't yet understand that you don't yet understand that ksi is a living breathing thing that does not survive off of one entity but survives off of an ideology and a concept for a positive environment. I ran ftla as a collaborative learning class like slayeer and Monkee ran theres prior to me. When I finished someone else took over......point being I am sure you took my message out of context which seems to be darker when posted alone....just like "they say I'm a dreamer but I'm not" which is a crummy half statement but when finished "the only one" is a beautiful statement.