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  1. I am FuzzyMeep™

    KSI McMatt 7

    J3 LOVED Rangers so much, div name, squad name, child's name, dont matter lol
  2. I am FuzzyMeep™

    Message to my old school amigos

    They're all dead or dying.....womp
  3. Ship of Theseus is the real dilemma

  4. its a well written play; same story different actors

    1. I am FuzzyMeep™

      I am FuzzyMeep™

      i am fuzzymeep sin lol

  5. Dont be forced to recruit, play the game and win, people will come to you

  6. 3400 Baby, keep it going!!!!

  7. Feel free to hit me up tomorrow. i should be around all day

  8. No Girls except Mom of course lol

  9. LMAO there is a battle ship game to the right

  10. Take a pic of it lol and post it here

  11. i am pealin so bad from my sunburn if i where to kill someone right now i would most deff get caught...DNA everywhere

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    2. lethal moses

      lethal moses

      Fuzzzzzyyyyy get on xbox plzzz

    3. lethal moses

      lethal moses

      fuzzy get on xbox i want to see if you meber me lol yu might by my voice i sent you a megs on xbox cometo my party plzz

    4. lethal moses

      lethal moses


  12. Anyone live in NC! KSI is going to the National Gaming league July 23 and 24

    1. Tech


      Where's it at? I'm in Wilmington!

    2. KSI PhilThay

      KSI PhilThay

      Competing for Blops?

    3. sweets


      I'm in NC!!!

  13. I will respond to your message tomorrow, i just got back from camping and i am burnt to a crisp...if it does become something important talk to KSI Tex 7 but if not i will tty tomorrow

  14. I am so ****ing Burnt

    1. Kered 7

      Kered 7

      I like my men dark.


  15. I will be on Vacation Til Sunday night, if anyone needs something go to KSI Tex 7

  16. Check out KSIGLOBAL.COM for an interview from Coletrain

    1. Jaygo


      I'm gong to feel very emasculated by saying this but.. that story touched me.

  17. Happy Fathers day everyone, anyone who is a father. or has a father. or is a father figure...take the day off :D

  18. Yeah, i have just been runnin my clan as well lol...you should invite your clan to are friday night fights

  19. it's either education or elimination.

    1. KSI Sungazer 7

      KSI Sungazer 7

      is there an alternate? lol

    2. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      emotion? Devotion? To causing a comotion? Creation? Vacation? Mucho masturbation?

    3. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      emotion? Devotion? To causing a comotion? Creation? Vacation? Mucho masturbation?

  20. Keep it rollin KSI, you are doing excellent