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  1. Yes, you do know me. :P

  2. Chatter? i think i know what you're talking about and yes, i was. only for a month or so about a year ago. I think i popped over there recently because i didn't know which KSI was which. But i figured it out :)

  3. you were over on chatter for awhile werent you

  4. I'll be eligible for my associates after next spring and then transfer for my bachelors.

  5. Awwww :(

    Almost done with school?

    I graduate this year ;)

  6. Doin good, just working and school

    Nope havent heard from him at all

  7. I still game just not as much, how are you and have you herd from kaos

  8. Yeah I know what you mean lol

    Hows life treating you?

  9. Hey mister ;)

    Ivlike to make my yearly appearing act

  10. If you're worried about being "Hacked" make your live ID password a random combination of Upper and Lower case letters as well as number. 16 digits should be enough to keep they brute hack bot busy for oh say....30 years.

    1. KSI Sungazer 7

      KSI Sungazer 7

      make sure you know which keys you hit though, and hope they don't use a key logger :P

    2. KSI PIKACHU 7


      Hello Hello Hello. For best results make sure to close your eyes while creating the password

  11. That tight. I wish I had a Drum set to learn on. My favorite is Tip the Scales off "The Siren sounds for the counter Culture" but Savior is my fav off that Album.