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  1. well thank you, i try. =p

  2. haha yeah i tend to do that. idk why but my writing just has a more guy tone to it. but i think it is because i don't want to write totally girly but i am predy much preppy but sometimes like to be edgy just so i stand out in a crowd.

  3. no it doesnt bother me but you always gave off the vibe that you were a guy lol cuz i never looked at your profile til now

  4. no im a guy that likes going around saying that........ yes I am a girl. does that bother you?

  5. i just startd watching it im like up the 16th or 17th ep

  6. Yep, Code Geass FTW!

  7. yup thanks for the comment i see your a code geass fan =]

  8. Anime is the best!

  9. lmao dont worry i'll comment for you