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  1. ksi Carbiniz3r

    What do you do for a living?

    IT Field Tech, finally in a week. I will fly a desk and never have to see a customers face again
  2. ksi Carbiniz3r

    The Best PC Game?

    i wouldnt necessarily say CSGO, like it has its qwerks that bother me, But man OG Counter Strike. Theres a reason why that was a esports title for over a decade
  3. ksi Carbiniz3r


    This post just gives me the rush of when you all were on H2 running the community, Although i do recall didnt lindenknight also come along later as well with web design? Mad respect i was in the Army 6 years 11B. Its funny i think i joined when i was 15-16 and now im 26, my how the time flies.
  4. Wish i could find all my old H2 Division buddies

  5. ksi Carbiniz3r

    IM BACK!

    Fuzzymeep came back to Halo 2 in i wanna say late 2008 and was in our last standing division Thymine DH and was in the process of turning it to Thymine H2 because DH wanted to be a 360 players only platform. Hence the whole reason the H2 division had some mixed units like Thymine, senshu, and birth. we all came from different divisions but we merged it to H2 division since all the 360 players didnt want us to be included plus it made alot of people scratch their heads when we used to use KSIclan.net and our numbers were there yet nobody could reach us lol
  6. ksi Carbiniz3r

    IM BACK!

    Well monkey i do recall when you served in my Halo 2 divisions with Fuzzy before the servers were shut down. Welcome back buddy!
  7. ksi Carbiniz3r

    Halo 4 customs

    If you ever run anymore, add me H2F carbiniz3r. Im always on H4 alone
  8. ksi Carbiniz3r

    Xbox one games or PS4 games

    To me it just seems Xbox has a lock on good exclusives nowadays. but simply put most consoles just fight over exclusive content not exclusive games anymore. kinda how sony is really sticking it to Microsoft over destiny
  9. Goku has been like that since Halo 2 =/ sorry bro im still workin on yours, He assumed i was bad at photoshop since i had my old art from june on there iv just been so damn busy making KSI HB 2.0's website lately i havnt updated my forum profile

  10. haha you had it commin *** thats for bein an butt to me all the time