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  1. You got banned?!?!?!

    How...wat did u do?

  2. Yo..i kno u quit...We did it LUCIF3R..we did our job. And you did to. Just want u to kno i love ya bro. You were like a brotha to me. I looked up to ya. I may have been mad at you at times but i keep tellin myself. We are fam. Dont be mad..we love yah. Atleast the old SA does =]

  3. What happened? SA...nothing but old memories that fade away

  4. Dont worry you'll get in join SA =]

  5. I need the numbers for how many members are in SA

  6. I apologize on leaving SA behind and everyone else behind...ill mae up for it

  7. I like that idea, and trust me bro you will earn your rank even though you dont want it, i will get it for you.

  8. well look at who was nice enough to put me in there siggy

  9. Hey LUCIF3R im here to help u recruit..im not doing it for rank.. im doing it for respect. My clan will recruit alot. Trust me we will build SA back up

  10. nothing much. life is not going great for me right now..

  11. Hey watsup??? havent talked in awile?