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  1. The Falcons Are finished and no good!! They took the Chiefs Hall of fame tight end.

    GO K City!!!!

  2. LMFAO, I just read that are you a Rep Dem or southern on your myspace page, PRICELESS.

  3. what was your original forum acct?

  4. wow i live in chickamauga GA

  5. woot! your only 3 days late..... :P

  6. i don't think you understood the joke.....take out the decimal :o

  7. HAHA, posts per day- 6.9 xD

  8. bill, you know i love you right? but that lady gaga sig you have.. is ugly as funk! whomever made it..epic phail.

  9. DOOD!! Rainbow Ponies FTMFW!!!! I <3 you!!

  10. damn you and your rapidly increasing profile views!

  11. Lo Lo LO Lo Lo Lo ASHLEY lol

  12. aww..ray! happy birthday buddy! even tho its been well over a year since i talked to ya last, and youll prolly never come to these forums again to see that i sent you a happy birthday! <3