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  1. KSI Spazbit


    yo yo gordo! I'm not really around but kinda.
  2. KSI Spazbit

    I'm new

    Welcome Happy to have ya.
  3. KSI Spazbit


    I wish, but I cant make it to Austin this month. Wahh
  4. KSI Spazbit


    A Key way to keep the divisions sections active.. or at least to draw people there is to make sure they are clean/updated. and that there is also some fun stuff to do. Let someone know if something needs to be pinned/locked/etc etc. People don't stay unless there is new content when they get on.. otherwise there isnt ever anything to reply to.
  5. KSI Spazbit

    Almost 30,000 members on the forums

  6. KSI Spazbit

    KSI SuRgE

    Nice :DD Well we were probably around each other quite a bit, I worked my way to the top of all three of those squads. Built Guanine specifically. Nice to have you back around.
  7. KSI Spazbit

    KSI SuRgE

    I guess I meant what squad in the division, heh. I also joined DH in 08 and was part of guanine/proton/molecule. Remember Rags/Raidyn/Blush/Lucky Poi?
  8. KSI Spazbit

    KSI SuRgE

    What squad/s were you apart of.
  9. KSI Spazbit

    DDOS on ksiglobal.org

    o.o;; retard.
  10. KSI Spazbit

    New Guy

    Welcome. Best Advice: Get involved You get out of KSI What you put in. Have fun!
  11. KSI Spazbit

    Oh the memories!

    Hello There
  12. KSI Spazbit

    I have returned since the days of halo 2

    Who wants a popsickle?
  13. Happy Birthday!!

  14. KSI Spazbit

    Just an idea.

    I dig it. Especially because the news team has been mainly focused on gamed since we relaunched.
  15. KSI Spazbit

    Skype... no thx I'll use Razer Comms!

    Nice, I'll definitely check it out because Ive never been a huge fan of skype.