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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. KSI Spazbit

    Skype... no thx I'll use Razer Comms!

    Nice, I'll definitely check it out because Ive never been a huge fan of skype.
  3. KSI Spazbit

    To shave it or save it

    Save it!!
  4. I miss my KSI days #VOID

  5. you are the most *****, ***** ***** On this whole site. And I. Think. I. Love. You. :o

  6. KSI Spazbit

    Raising Money for KSI

    Also on the product side of things... makes you wonder who is KSI might have an awesome connection for discounts on specific things.. once we were to get to that point.
  7. KSI Spazbit

    Raising Money for KSI

    You bring up some extremely good points here But more about possible incentives. You've mentioned customizable profiles. Would this even be a possibility and how would it get done.. Just 4 or 5 skins people could apply to their profiles here on global to change them up? Or something more personal? Either Way I think some people would go for that specifically but i could be wrong.. thoughts?
  8. KSI Spazbit

    Raising Money for KSI

    I love the Dogtag Idea. Gamertag/Rank/Division/Date... and its ever changing as people are always promoted or deranked
  9. KSI Spazbit

    Raising Money for KSI

    T shirts - But not just one design have options because with the current 3000+ and growing of us we are all going to have different styles and wants. [ with this you could have contests as to the designs too, if the people responsible for this project were interested in going that route ] Bracelets of course, which I thought there was already talk of a free bracelet a piece being handed out if we sent in our address [ which havent even been sent out ]. But you could charge people 5 $ a pop past the first free one. The PC mouse with Logo is cool, but what about Mouse pads? If people are willing to buy a mouse, why not the pad with Logo Too? You could Also do other clothing things that people can wear to Support the community. I know alot people people that like to frequent cons and such like to wear their Gamer Gear. On this you could do, Those KSI arm swaet band things with LOGO, Hats both baseball and beanie? And if you wanted to jump past the Tshirt Idea you could do Hoodies as well. As far as Donators: I really like the special priveledges.. but you have to ask if you gave those members a forum section or a chat box.. how long they would hang out there if all their friends weren't donators as well. Also Is a donator still defined only by those members who provide cash Donation to obtain member benefits or is it also given to those who Donate a significant amount of "MS points and other things of that nature" to the community as well?
  10. LE, if you happen to read this ;] go update your meeting notes threads. Yeah? :]

  11. If I could like that, I would VVV

  12. KSI Spazbit


    <3 prophet and about the rest of it. Oh Snap! Round One *ding*
  13. KSI Spazbit

    Spaz Corner.

    Some Fire pics of me, Some photography, and other junk.