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  1. Wow the community that i worked so hard for stole from me.....Ask KSI AK47sForAll about it he's responsible for it.

  2. 3=======D

    you know what that is? yea its a big weiner.

  3. Whats up my brother from another mother ill be talking with you soon. i might be on the box late tonight. gimme a call later too if you want.

  4. Cold your a good friend man, keep up the good work with venom and six.

  5. sorry didnt get to see ya today. Ill be on tomarow so hit me up. I would like to see everyone before i leave.

  6. Its not as easy as you think. the only diff. is you guys do 3 months we do 2. with me doing infantry airborne i got it as tough as you jarheads do. either way were on the same team man, good to have you home marine. semper fi.

  7. good to see you on the forums man. post away.

  8. Thank you for your support. Its good to know that KSI supports its troops. Thanks again. PS Tell your friend SEMPER FI. He'll know what it means.

  9. Good job on getting on the forums. Post away.

  10. You love Six more than me... I see how it is, I buy you MS points and take you under my wing and this is the treatment I get. That's fine, I got ya.

  11. someone got banned for 999999 days LOL LOL LOL

  12. sendin me messages at school don't get in trouble now. lol

  13. When are you going to put on a personal photo. Everyone asks me what you look like so show em what your made of. MMMMMMMMMM your smokin.

  14. you better watch over her six. lol

  15. she will be receiving her birthday points tonight. I like the sig katie

  16. Whats up man good to someone new on the forums.

  17. Hey its good to see you on the forums. Just need to get you that KSI tag and you'll be on your way to takin over my job. lol.

  18. WOW!! Don't take this the wrong way but "IF" that is really a picture of you, you're stunningly beautiful if I may say so.

  19. Good to see you on the forums man. Keep up the attitude you got. You've got potential to be a good leader.

  20. I'm sorry to inform you that you've caught a rare form of Somalian Super Aids. Sorry to hear about that man. LOL

  21. whats up man just wondering if your still thinking about going into the navy?

  22. WHATS UP!! thanx for puttin that sig up. its great to see everyone doing that.