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    I enjoy getting naked and runnin throgh the streetz

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  1. i no i dont even remeber sayin that haha but haha

  2. Yep.... No labor involved and getting paid to dance naked.....Can you digg it?

  3. exotic dancer??? haha

  4. u ugly doesn't have a father

  5. we can talk on msn or aim i guess

  6. Dam dude why ddi u leave this time

  7. <3 is all you need :)))) if it makes you feel any better i got really hard workouts after school everyday in which i throw up and get a headache :(

  8. LOL NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT PICTURE!!! Love how he don't show face... UGLY =)

  9. dude that is sick lol. you look like that little hercules kid.

  10. dude if thats really a pic of yourself you need to chill on the roids. lol