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  1. KSI Majestic 7


    So Ive never done anything like this before. I've battled with afflictions often... After losing my job this week on top of issues with my marriage my demons returned to me. I have feelings in me that are really hard to express, and really hard to get out. I could never share something like this on my facebook or with people around me... But I need someone to see it. Ive contemplated suicide and ive never told anyone that. I was at a real low this week and needed to find something to act as a pressure release valve. Suicide isnt my answer, but for many it is. I've never written a suicide note, but with what Im going through, I thought it may be healthy to write one just so I could get the thoughts out of my head That quickly turned into me writing this... A story of a man who pushed away his lover due to his afflictions. I man who couldn't even love the one thing that kept him going. This is Tragedy..... Tear stained pillow on the bed Next to it a note that said "My souls held down, can't come alive Desperate emotions all I find Tragedy Tragically, I'm not strong enough This fight for me was just too tough I'm broken down, can't get back up If you were here that would be enough Your love was strong, but my hearts weak Pushed you away so you could rescue me Our love was fire, left burnt alive Just need your love, just one more time Tragedy Tragically, I can't do without Tonight's the night I swim in clouds" She took his hand, and begged for life Cold stiff fingers all she finds Tragedy, Tragically, he didn't know what grew inside In her womb was a little life Left broken down, she can't come alive Tonight, suicide claimed three lives
  2. KSI Majestic 7

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    Lol gotta respect the Picasso's and DeVinci's. Yea i do. Head over and do a request and ill hook you up
  3. KSI Majestic 7

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    "What are those!!" Lol good to see you again man
  4. KSI Majestic 7

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    My man jhood needs to head over to the graphic section
  5. KSI Majestic 7

    Who is your Mentor?

    You made it easy buddy! You bought into the bigger picture, showed compassion, willingness and perseverance. You were a little shy in the beginning but we all have to step outside of our comfort zone in order to grow and transform. Every leader wants members like you under them because you made our jobs worth it. I regret not being here to see you continue to grow and transform; We are here now however! Here's to the future!
  6. KSI Majestic 7

    Jumping back in

    I remember you, active af for an age
  7. I saw your post in my "intro" topic back in 2016. I just wanted to say that means alot man. Hate I didnt see it before this. Hope you are doing good brother

    Hope to link up soon

  8. KSI Majestic 7

    Its so dead around here.

    post more>?
  9. KSI Majestic 7

    Greeting from Pure Assent!

    I'm Also a fellow designer, Looking forward to meeting you in the future! KSI will treat you well, -Majestic
  10. PM me if you play league of legends, im looking for more people to play with

  11. KSI Majestic 7


    Yea what division were you in?
  12. KSI Majestic 7

    Members Online Today - Retired KSI Group

    Can I get in this group? Was Head of Graphics and Director over 4 divs for a long time
  13. KSI Majestic 7


    your name is familiar!! ahhh damn my brain power