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  1. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Custom Forum groups?

    Didn't we have the option to have color groups once before? i think there was an option to purchase group color/logo or something in those lines. It would be hell to manage all that if the traffic here starts to pick up as much as we are projecting it will after the teams are up and running. No doubt it wouls be a cool thing to do but there will be a lot of maintenance needed for it.
  2. Auto correct Selim to Selina lolllll

  3. Yo Selina, you remember me ? xD

  4. KSI H3KTYK 7

    New Here

    You are hereby welcomed!
  5. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban KSI AJ for hating on NExus for using l33t typing in his name!
  6. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Again, I want to this the right way. It's a simple request. Its not lack of proper house cleaning. There are simply too many squads in SR. The fact that you're putting a negative spin on thisis just uncalled for. I am not even Section Mod for SR, although Queen asked me in the past to ask the Admins for it. If it gets done, fine, we all win, no problem. If not.. oh well thanks for the help I guess. Again, just looking for better ways to make this a better experience for our members, but f**k them I guess, they don't matter, right?
  7. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    I know your stance brother and I am extremely thankful for pushing this for me. I know you had a full plate when I approached you about this. This is probably one of the easiest things to take care of. I know you could have done it on the spot if it was up to you. There are proper channels to get things done. To be honest, I didn't expect this big of a deal from a request to help improve the forum activity for my division. It's absurd. What's the point of having forums if we can't make a simple request without being bashed. lol Its amusing AF. Glad to see nothing has changed and those willing to help keep dropping. I am just simply glad you're still around <3
  8. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Bro I known you for a while and I’m pretty sure you know who I am as well. I am back in SRs leadership as well and I almost feel like you’re directing this to me as well. I’m not even aware of your dealings with SR’s leadership so that should show you how private they keep their stuff with the web ops. Your argument that other division la have done it in the past is invalid because I’ve my self have set them up before before the RD split. I am not okay with removing old post because we are about history and where we come from and seeing posts from 2008 that I wrote before makes me feel great about being back for the 3rd time and work my self up the ranks again. times are different this time and my goal is to promote healthier and more organized activity in our forums. I also have lower members and lower ranking people who still have a tough time navigating our forums. That is not what I want for my members. I want to be able to have all information available at a glance and at a click away. We already have an SR back log set up for us, what’s so impossible to manage for a section as such to be available to keep these threads in on place? If it’s too much work, then we need to make some changes to the Mod/Admin team that can handle it. Mind you we are the biggest division in KSI again, seems to be a trend every time I join KSI back time after time. So I beg you please reconsider. Anatomy was willing to help and present the plan to JT. I know JT I’m not scared to go to him directly he’s a phone call away. But I respect your guys’ time and I want to do this the right way. I not here to measure who’s dong is bigger, just help my Division. Besides everything else in this community seems to have exceptions. -Selim
  9. Hello Admins <3 A few of weeks ago I came to Anatomy asking for help with the SR forum section. My request is simple: My goal is to create a subforum within the SR forum where I can put all the "Squad Meeting Notes" and "Squad Chats" and keep them together in there so we can use the front page of the SR forums content visible to all members. SR has got way too many squads and these pinned chats are overflowing to the second page now making information on tournaments, announcements etc be pushed back. The Division leaders, KSI QueenPink 7 (Div Lead), KSI Tubes 7(Co-Div), and I (Founder) have agreed to have this done, now I'm just trying to execute the plan. So now I come to you all for help to get this done. Thank you all for your time and help with this. Respectfully, -Selim I
  10. KSI H3KTYK 7

    Retired Leaders and VIPs

    I used to be able to see the VIP section as well. But I think I donated to the server that month as well, maybe that's why. I no longer have access to it. but it otay! <3
  11. I can't find you using your Discord name you have on here!! 


  12. Where you been sweetcheeks! <3

  13. KSI H3KTYK 7

    KSI Domination

    Arkane Kings : 22 points Fierce Uprising : 25 points Firestorm : 25 points Hell Fire : 26 points Lost Empire : 47 points (-1) =46 Reality Dynasty : 24 points Synthetic Reality : 47 points (+1) = 48 Web Operations : 0 points
  14. KSI H3KTYK 7

    KSI Domination

    Arkane Kings : 22 points Fierce Uprising : 25 points Firestorm : 25 points Hell Fire : 26 points Lost Empire : 49 points (-1) =48 Reality Dynasty : 24 points Synthetic Reality : 46 points (+1) = 47 Web Operations : 0 points