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  1. I can't find you using your Discord name you have on here!! 


  2. Where you been sweetcheeks! <3

  3. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  4. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  5. Back in my home SR FTW!!

  6. repping Canada eh? .. lolz

  7. awww finally 21! .. Enjoy it ..now go get HAMMERED!!!!

  8. lol very factual "about me Shotty..

  9. are you the only one updating Butane on clan?

  10. Yo Pop in that COD4 today!

  11. Tiger!!!!!!!! whats your new GT? Miss ya! Get at me some time you ghost!

  12. Look at you topping the 10 richest members in the forums .. lol .. Spammer! <3

  13. Get off my Forums Edgar! =] <3

  14. Happy Bday Marcus!

    Or like Spanish people say it: Sapo Verde to you! =]

  15. You sir need to get off that nubish [email protected] lol .. Sup bro!

  16. Hey hey hey you! where you been loca?! =] Hit me up so i can catch you on some COD =]

  17. I said i still heart you tho =[.