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  1. By any chance do you live in Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand?

  2. How many do u have i have almost 3 mil

  3. whatever youre just jealous cuz iARE has more points then you

  4. Bish ive had enough

  5. :o you finnaly got enough points to change your name!
  6. my mom wiped it off her computer because it was making slow. which it wasnt. so i cant do gfx again till i get my laptop for christmas

  7. what happened man,did you like give up on TA status,your app is like at bottom of page

  8. U finally got on the Dedign Team. Whooo for u

  9. lol no whats up man how how r u

  10. ill give u 45 points for a awesome sig. go to family guy sig request go all the way to the bottom and use that info

  11. Can u tell me who made u the recon sig??? Or can u make it for me?