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Look I was in MK it was good when Pantherking led it and those days were great, also with parrot1984, xilence, and wyatt butt eh they are not there thats why im in RS we have ZERO and i mean zero corruption and have no tolerance for racism. NOW THIS IS NOT TARGETING ANYONE BUT IF THIS AFFECTS YOU THEN YOU KNOW WHY. also i did not quit to get to where i am that rumor was started by some jackass who has no respect for my leaders in RS, that is not true i worked my butt off my maxing out phantom and building two other squads to get to where i am. And i could be higher than this but unlike some people i know i would rather be where i am and not watching a great division fall. what i am trying to say is power hungry people need to get a life; stop sitting in lobies with your leaders to get promoted and when project shut down is over you will all be running here.