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  1. I Do i got the myspace and facebook messages to prove it lol Zero for the win

  2. hey eve thx for what you did to me its shown me that im not as good as i thout i was at one point in time, i needed some one to put my A** in line i think you really did it this time lol and im going to take what i have lerned by woching you lead, well just wanted to let you know i think what you did was for the greater good for every one thx ^_^

  3. "definitely straight, and not a lesbian" I was Jking... tex lol

  4. Cool is the rap any good??? send me the URL if its on youtube or something

  5. sorry its a day let but happy b-day just got my net back yesterday ^_^

  6. ggn made a rap about u..

  7. was good zero its Cassidy

  8. people showed not come on to my page saying mean stuff to me

    FROSTY ANGLE is BLed cuz i found out she made me mad