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  1. lol I like that sig with the funny looking asian woman =P

  2. I drew that funny looking man that I have set as my picture when I was really bored =]

  3. if you're talking about how my name/ location/ bio were changed it was because I gave my password to someone and they got on my account but it wasn't hacked =]

  4. that's one scary picture you have there o.o..... what's KSI Goon 7 supposed to be?

  5. wow sooooo many colors in your about me page lol

    too bad I can't see the color red =[

  6. buunnny i know what he means when he sticks u at the spot and he can't stick fancy title on it either to change it

  7. lol I wasn't demoted Frosty in the words of the person who "demoted" me he said "you are temporarialy being put down a rank" so that's not a demotion right? =P I'll probably be "temporarialy put down a rank" for a while lol =P

    I haven't had news of being untemporarially demoted

  8. whatsup bunny got demoted again

  9. I like Naruto too Frosty =P

  10. I'm sorry but I just have to leave a comment so that it won't just be a straight line of comments by Frosty =P so here's my comment..... Hi!