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  1. ksipurplemist

    Divisional Sections

    Here is the thing, the guys that are poaching are coming in looking who is in what squad and what is going on in KSI. No it is not so easy to take our members, but only if your members play together most of the time. I know that I would not want our rivals knowing our business.
  2. ksipurplemist

    Divisional Sections

    I think that you should make some of the pages for members only but leave a couple for guests and members. It might help with the poaching. But we still need a place for future members to go and check us out.
  3. ksipurplemist

    Hey it is Me!

    Just in case you didn't get it up there. It is pictures of me!!! lol
  4. ksipurplemist

    My Family