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  1. KSI Crysin 7

    Introduction time I suppose

    Thank you so much! I was AD to start then moved to Vixens shortly after and pretty sure been there ever since LOL. C: <3 But where I am now is questionable considering I was gone for a good 3 years or so ^^:; Im talking to someone about where I would be cause I see spokes models aren't there anymore.
  2. KSI Crysin 7

    OmG its xRoNiN 7

    J3 sounds so familiar i think we might actually have been friends way back when. Im almost sure of it. How are you?
  3. KSI Crysin 7

    Introduction time I suppose

    Thank you thank youuuu! C: Im sure we have run into each other at some point. : ) <3 Im sure i will seems like theres little to no one i remember nowadays here ^^;; Really startin' fresh! thank you!! <3
  4. KSI Crysin 7

    Introduction time I suppose

    well thank you sweetness <3 C: Ill be figuring that out asap xD it is very nice to meet you.
  5. KSI Crysin 7

    Introduction time I suppose

    D'awww nice to meet you too C:
  6. KSI Crysin 7

    Introduction time I suppose

    Im not exactly new Ive been in KSI since i was 16, I have been in and out for years various reasons, most recent being my commitment to the armed forces. ((I am out now so I am able to come back and be with everyone)) whether i formally come back is something that is on my mind. <3 I am Lexy or Alex, its very nice to meet those of you I do not know and glad to see some old friends as well. I was known as KSI Crysin 7// KSI Dollface 7. I was mainly most active back in the Halo 2 days haha : )
  7. Another day another dollar <3

  8. Damn thing aint like facebook! Ya'll dern skippy i aint happy....

    1. KSI Crysin 7

      KSI Crysin 7

      well i mean like the facebook statusy thing cause yeah idk : D OMGGG

  9. Gotta be up for PT at 0630 D: boo

  10. KSI Crysin 7


    shiz son : D you hawt <33
  11. :] Im the army girl lollll

    whats up marine boy?

    text me im Lexy


    I deploy in October