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  1. hey bro u should come bak i miss u

  2. i would like 2 comeback but i dont think i would be welcomed back so easily.

  3. Welcome, any chance of return?

  4. Thanks and if i did remove u i definitley didnt know it was u add me again my bad.

  5. Thanks Tex its good to know i still have friends up in here.

  6. happy bday bro i miss u and i tried to acdd u son and u declined im ksi iz sick

  7. Happy day of birth.

  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. thanks it was kool while it lasted

  10. Thanks for the support but the community spoke and i had to stay true to my word. Id love to come back but im pretty sure people would make sure that would never happen. Hit me up on live when u get tha chance.

  11. spam king u rock dude