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  1. awww thanks :) so its a gift? :)

  2. I like the sig.... I will give you points 350 when i get them donated to me! i promise. i wont forget

  3. when you gonna fix my sig?? :((( i really wanna put it up

  4. awww u r so sweet! i love u

  5. i really need you to make me this sig.... i have a request for it in the forums. "bored" made me a sig but i really dont like it....please please do this for me.

  6. YOU BETTER BE BACK ON TONIGHT...!!! >:( and im sorry i posted that on the forums....just NO LEADERS have been on for the past couple of days. i needed somewhere to talk about it...

  7. lol. lets play sometime shall we?

  8. it is very yummy :]]

  9. Mafia is doing....well...boring....i have my plans figured out.

  10. thankyou very miuch for the points. :] That was very generous of you. Ask your friends to help me too!!! Only need 30 more points for a sig or avatar!!!