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  1. Look who's back?!?

  2. Anyone playing Battlefield on PS4?

  3. Hello gaming world how is everyone doing? PS4 right around the corner!

  4. Well it has been a long time since I logged back into this account. Hello everyone!

  5. Well it has been a long time since I logged back into this account. Hello everyone!

  6. Dang Look WHOS BACK!!!

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    2. KSI Airborn 7

      KSI Airborn 7

      Yay pikachu is back what's good man how you been

    3. KSI PIKACHU 7


      I am Doing OSSIM! How is the good old KSI. Im Happy LS is still DA BEST!

    4. Badfur


      Pikachu.. what the hell, you come back and don't drop me a line? I see where the love is..

  7. So whats this. I come here and write somthing but it takes almost years to hear back from ya....... lol Miss ya take it easy!

  8. I want some cookies!?!

  9. I want some cookies!?!

  10. Heck yeah I am alive. What about you. Been long time!

  11. So its has been forever since i have been on here so i thought i would drop in and see how your doing. Hit me up sometime! see ya :)

  12. hey long time no talk hit me up on XBL or here ttyl....punk ;)

  13. lol easy come easy go i guess

  14. heyyyy how you been long time no talk

  15. Hey psycho whats new. :P When do you want my division to stomp on yours?? This Time Goku will be there!!!!

  16. Whats up? we never talk :( its so sad

  17. OH Reeeeaaallllyyy not uh PINK SQUAD material......hmm well see about that

  18. They were friendly games lol.

  19. its like upside down/ through a mirror and dark. not an acceptable picture :P

  20. why u go changing your picture???

  21. Whats up. ii thought you were ex KSI?

  22. Kemblowso De questacho