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  1. Come get some ..AIM: Sinisterministr6, Yahoo IM: [email protected], Email: [email protected]

  2. Come get some ..AIM: Sinisterministr6, Yahoo IM: [email protected], Email: [email protected]

  3. *runs his tongue down her stomach.* Mmmmm..

  4. Thanks for the happy birthday.


  5. Dude, you disappeared. Where'd you go?

  6. Whiskeyrebel in the HOUSE! Haha, whats up man!

  7. I'm wondering the same for you. I left requests up to rejoin your friends list on XBL but they weren't accepted. Then again, I might've caught you at a bad time. Any which way, I didn't intentionally erase ANYONE from my msn or XBL.

  8. -NOW- you've been mentioned. Take a look.

  9. Sometime, I hope to catch you on XBL. We could play. ;)

  10. How about no? How about I inform people on your little hack attempt? **** you.

  11. So, after finishing a song .. have you ever wanted to pull off a Jimi Hendrix and bash your guitar against the ground?