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    Unfortunately I can’t provide proof or reliable evidence of this fact but all I have is my honesty. If I were to be specifically detailed we only maintained roughly 66,000+ at one time for several months before a drastic decline do to the incident with Wolfpack and their infiltration. But as long as I was around back then for about 5 years we fluctuated consistently between 20,000-35,000 quite frequently. I actually recall being at 33,000+ for an extended period to be honest as well. But numbers varied often so to speak specifics would cause confusion without documentation. 2008-2010 was a time of reconciliation after a massively long downfall in KSI. The rebuild was slow but effective and worth the time it took to gather modest members. My point is we were a strong thriving community back then much more than we’ve ever been, but when I look back I realize it better to be a community with true loyal and honorable memebers that represent KSI in evidence of its statute acronyms. I admit that during those times many by the thousands were not even what you would call genuine members..just squatters or infiltrators paving through the ranks and gaining dominion over squads and even some divisions.
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    My fault lol it’s easy to doubt according to the numbers lately. But you have to excuse my mistake I joined in 2004 but in 2006 was when we were 60,000+ strong. Typed too fast for my own good.
  3. Ricanflava


    So true, in a way I miss when it was that simple to just battle it out. I’m glad things are different now after all we’ve overcome, I just look at it like an accomplishment! We’re like a stone..we may crack, chip, or even break but we still stand strong and firm. So much is different now with the community and it’s a great thing to witness might I add. Lol, the turn for the worse was intentional, I wanted to shed light on where we came from for the newer members and those who have been here for years but after these events. KSI is so much more than just a gaming community I’d have to say. It is a shame that we went through all those things I agree, but our perseverance and success is exactly why it was important for our growth as a community, as was the split back when united and global were at dispute. All that was started by one kid who was upset because of our age policy and Global’s unfortunate withdrawal to donate money to him after his house burned down to aid his family. We did raise money but ‘someone’ stole it the moment the goal was reached...ugh, it was a sad week..I felt for that poor boy. But in the end it kinda worked out because younger kids who wanted to be part of the community got to join United even though technically they never were truly affiliates of KSI back then. The shocking thing about all this is that was the second time KSI almost fell completely apart because of a kid, first time was back in the Halo 2 days. I remember when Fuzzy joined firestorm we use to roll deep in halo 3, I watched him sky rocket and even surpass me in rank in KSI, I remember you as well Cole! We never played together but I’ve been in a few meetings we held in Halo with you and also actively on the forums in the past lol it’s been a long time for me. I joined KSI as a 14 year old before our age policy was passed and got a valor of maturity acceptance once it passed so I didn’t have to leave, as did many others, which I believe caused confusion for the more immature kids and post age policy applicants for KSI. I got so much history man that can help others understand where we came from so they can see the importance of our existence today...KSI Is a family!
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    Well I guess I have to introduce myself being that I have been swallowed hole by life and completely inactive with gaming and KSI for years. I’m a veteran of KSI, KSI Ricanflava. Joined officially in 2004 back when we were 60,000+ members strong. I was there when a lot of our divisions had huge falling outs and we had infiltrators within the community trying to tear us apart from within. Back then we were at war with another community that was ran by someone who use to be apart of KSI. They would infiltrate and remove us by the thousands until most of us had enough. Fuzzy, Reaper, and a few of us division leaders at the time decided to take action, at the time Firestorm was the next division to fall apart so instead of taking the Loss I befriended one of the enemies that Was portraying themselves as one of us by the game name KSI taxi and I got close enough to have him leak info overtime and then started a recon rogue division to infiltrate the Wolf Pack, thus finding myself in a party with the leader himself. After a huge conversation, some disagreements, and clarifications...we came to a understanding that there was only one way this would end. So in 2016 there was a huge hacking war between both KSI and Wolfpack.. one of our biggest threats. Just sharing a little bit of the history before some of the newer history. KSI Was and is indeed formed on knowledge strength and integrity. The knowledge of our foes and our purpose, the strength not to back down and stand firm to our cause, and the integrity to keep going no matter how far back we’ve been knocked down. There use to be a time when even uttering the words Wolfpack would be a means for pinklisting or blacklisting that member. The goal was to not focus on the past and let it become a myth.. but I can never forget the struggle we went through to become the gaming community that so many of our newer members enjoy today. It’s been a tough road indeed, I wouldn’t call myself a hall of famer lol but I’d say a veteran of KSI War wouldn’t fall too far behind.
  5. CoDAW & HMCC! :D what a great month, as always jaja every year!

  6. So are they really going to allow full character transfer? I mean I know guys with modded stats and character levels out the roof! I also find it suprising they totally jocked the pc-gamers modded idea for GTA V first person, and now its being implemented into the XBO version! Who is planning on getting GTA V by the way?
  7. Ricanflava


    Got CoDAW, getting HMCC tonight or tomorrow! I'm heading for Halo 2 more than the others lol. Those were the days.
  8. Ricanflava

    xbox one games your looking forward to

    Most definately! jaja.
  9. Ricanflava

    Looking for Destiny players

    Not gonna lie to you guys, I dropped destiny for warframe due to the lack of content and team players. I still love destiny though, just don't want to have to wait until I am 30yrs old for them to drop some exciting new content jaja. But If you want to play sometimes I'll play still, just add me: KSI Ricanflava. p.s. - I play on xbox one though, sorry!
  10. cant access stuff anymore :/ or upload signature pics :(

  11. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  12. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  13. What r u doing for vacation?! and ya ill keep in touch buddie ;) luv ya ttyl!

  14. ok will do ;) what r u doing for vacation?!

  15. heii yea sure ill let u know but id be on vacation by the time my console is back..=[ but just hola at me!!