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  1. CoDAW & HMCC! :D what a great month, as always jaja every year!

  2. So are they really going to allow full character transfer? I mean I know guys with modded stats and character levels out the roof! I also find it suprising they totally jocked the pc-gamers modded idea for GTA V first person, and now its being implemented into the XBO version! Who is planning on getting GTA V by the way?
  3. Ricanflava612


    Got CoDAW, getting HMCC tonight or tomorrow! I'm heading for Halo 2 more than the others lol. Those were the days.
  4. Ricanflava612

    xbox one games your looking forward to

    Most definately! jaja.
  5. Ricanflava612

    Looking for Destiny players

    Not gonna lie to you guys, I dropped destiny for warframe due to the lack of content and team players. I still love destiny though, just don't want to have to wait until I am 30yrs old for them to drop some exciting new content jaja. But If you want to play sometimes I'll play still, just add me: KSI Ricanflava. p.s. - I play on xbox one though, sorry!
  6. cant access stuff anymore :/ or upload signature pics :(

  7. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  8. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  9. What r u doing for vacation?! and ya ill keep in touch buddie ;) luv ya ttyl!

  10. ok will do ;) what r u doing for vacation?!

  11. heii yea sure ill let u know but id be on vacation by the time my console is back..=[ but just hola at me!!

  12. i love you i love you, your so awesome, LOL! let me know when ya get your xbox bak buddy, can;t wait to see ya onlive, ttyl luv ya ;P

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