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  1. CoDAW & HMCC! :D what a great month, as always jaja every year!

  2. cant access stuff anymore :/ or upload signature pics :(

  3. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  4. Whats happening to KSI!!?!

  5. Mi @2009 KSI

    Pics from 2009!!
  6. What r u doing for vacation?! and ya ill keep in touch buddie ;) luv ya ttyl!

  7. ok will do ;) what r u doing for vacation?!

  8. heii yea sure ill let u know but id be on vacation by the time my console is back..=[ but just hola at me!!

  9. i love you i love you, your so awesome, LOL! let me know when ya get your xbox bak buddy, can;t wait to see ya onlive, ttyl luv ya ;P

  10. One With All!

    Random Photo's
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