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    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    KSI Kered 7 KSI DH Thymine KSI Rek305
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    Pooter is Back?

    Definitely bro. Its been so damn long man.
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    Pooter is Back?

    Joe! Whats up buddy!
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    Welcome back.
  5. Would you define yourself as a boss or a leader? Remember your answer and when this article is over, re-evaluate your response. My personal definition of a boss is someone who is in power and solely uses their power for advancement whereas a leader to me my personal definition for a leader is someone who has followers that they support, guide, and lead to bigger and better expectations. But what is the real definition. A boss is defined as “a person in charge of a worker or organization.” A leader is defined as “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” Looking at the two they are almost similar by definition, but, that is truly not the case. I am going to go over the 9 differences between a leader and a boss. The first difference is shown as a boss being impersonal; having no true personality or character. A leader is usually known to be compassionate and caring of those around them. This is shown in a number of ways, but the most important is a leader will take care of those around them before being concerned about themselves. How would you define yourself in this aspect, as a leader or a boss? Moving on to the next difference. A boss is one that usually says “I” when referring to accomplishments or accolades. A leader is one who truly steps up and says “We” when referring to the accomplishments or accolades of their team or group. A leader gives their praise straight to those who work for and under them as a thanks while a boss takes the praise for their own advancement as I said before. KSI has had many leaders over the years who give it all to their members. But we have also had some “bosses”. The next difference is a big one when it comes to KSI. A boss uses people for their own personal gain and glory, while a leader develops people into leaders in their own right. Have you ever known someone in KSI who simply uses people that can build a squad or division for just that, building a squad or division? I have known many through my years in KSI and my journey to where I am today. I have also known some leaders who have developed me (as well as others) into the leaders we are today. The influence their leadership styles have had to those around them is something that will never disappear or get old. Do you use people or develop people? Another huge difference and another big one for me personally is most Bosses inspire fear in the individuals they are over, while leaders earn the respect of those they are over and work with. Lets go into more detail on this one. Have you ever had a boss you were afraid to bring things to because of their reaction and what could come from it? Have you ever had a boss you knew would give you a hard time if you messed up and so for that purpose you tried maybe harder then you should have in your work? I know I have, and those are the people we want to get rid of as soon as we can because those type of “leadership” styles roll down hill and you WILL pick up on it if under it for long enough. In the same instance have you ever had a leader that absolutely earned your respect because of their hard work and way they handled situations? I know I have, and I am currently under one of those leaders. His name is KSI Zeuswrath 7, Zeus always ensures he earns his members respect, no matter their rank or position in KSI. Zeus is big on doing things that he has done before and know that works, and if it doesn't he is not afraid to admit when he is wrong or ask for help or suggestions from the leaders around him. Are you like Zeus or like the many failed “bosses” in KSI history? The next difference is one that a lot of people truly take for granted. A boss will take credit and dish out blame while a leader will give out credit and take the blame. A boss is someone who simply think they are the only ones in their universe; they are the only thing in existence. So to them, taking the credit for everything is just normal. What they fail to comprehend is that they have individuals working for them who usually look to them for guidance and direction, but they usually overlook that and don't take care of those under them. A leader on the other hand is someone who you can count on to give you guidance and direction and when things go good they give you more then the fair share of the credit and usually give themselves less then the fair share while also taking more then the fair share of the blame. A good example of this in KSI is KSI Mizz Airy, I see a lot that she works her butt off to make sure things are running smoothly and a lot of what she set up in LE is truly flourishing. She doesn't take all that credit though, instead she gives it to those under her because they worked just as hard. When things go wrong she takes the blame and helps fix the issue. That is a true leader. Another big difference between a leader and a boss, is that a boss micromanages to ensure things are done their way. A leader is one who delegates tasks tailored to the strength of the people working for them. The way I see is, a boss is going to come to you and interfere with your space, task, or job to try and get it done their way, which might not always be the right way. Sometimes it is better to take a step back and look at what the final outcome will be, whether that is what your boss asks you to do or not. When a leader delegates these tasks they are merely overlooking the work of those underneath them while ensuring they are being done by the proper person, with the proper training, and in a proper amount of time. The difference is easy to tell in a person in KSI, there are some who will simply step into your squad and handle everything when it could have been done at a much lower level, that would be a boss. You also have the person who is going to guide you in the right direction, while also giving you some back-up in case you need them. They will only reach into your squad when needed depending on the situation. That is a leader. The next difference and a big one when it comes to defining any leader is when they say “Lets go” compared to a boss which says “go.” A boss is typically one who is going to say “Go” when giving orders or directions. They are going to tell you to get something done without helping or even guiding you through the right path of doing it. A true leader is always willing to do anything they give you task wise themselves if need be. They will always be there to ease the pain and help lower the burden when things don’t go right and when they do go right, they will be right there beside you. This one kind of ties into the next one so Im gonna combine them. The difference in a Leader Vs a Boss is the fact that a leader thinks much longer term then a boss. A boss is really only concerned with short term building and growth rather then long term building and growth. KSI leaders can be one or the other, either they are constantly pushing for recruits or they are pushing for recruiting and training all at the same time to build the next generation of great leaders. The last difference and again to me is a big one is boss’s seem to focus more on the process of getting things done instead of the people doing it. This is where training within KSI comes in to play. A KSI leader need to be always pushing for training. We need to push people to see the light at the end of the tunnel, instead of what is directly in front of them. When you focus solely on the process you get quick usually not very long lasting outcomes. When you focus on the people and combine that with the process you get a good combination of both. Now that we have gone over these differences, where do you see yourself as a leader? Where do you see the person to the left and right of you? I know where I see myself and the people around me. Only you can change who you are or how you act as a leader. Only you can change your legacy. Shriar, Jacob. “The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader.” Officevibe, 21 Sept. 2017, www.officevibe.com/blog/difference-between-a-boss-and-a-leader-infographic.
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    Thoughts on Trump

    I have a trump sticker on my car, tons of trump merchandise, been to many rallys, and he is my gamerpicture on xbox. I support my PRESIDENT. Such a great man.
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    Squad subforums

    It is not my choice though, but I will bring it up to the administration.
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    Squad subforums

    I like the idea but until activity picks up, I dont think its an option. What i could see working is the divisions with the most activity get it implemented and the ones with less dont.
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    NEW to KSI

    Welcome to KSI and thank you for joining the forums. We are happy that you are happy to be here. We hope you enjoy your time. If you have any questions about the forums or KSI do not be afraid to contact someone from the Moderation staff. Again welcome to KSI
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    Tips for a R6S Squad?

    Game nights are hard to do. With Siege its all about inviting to party chat most people dont sit in game chat, but its a recruiting ground for sure
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    We need you!

    Please follow this link Here
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    SOTW 8/28/17-9/4/17 Winners

    Congratulations to the following members for winning their respective categories for SOTW. Keep up the great work! Veteran SOTW Winner: @Furian 7 Amateur SOTW Winner: @Anatomy <3
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    KSI Firefight3r is back ****ers

    Welcome back. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask. You can PM any moderator about anything.
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    Im back

    Welcome back to the forums. I am KSI Airborn 7, a Forums Moderator. I am going to go over a few things with you having to do with the forums as well as joining back into KSI. First of all the forums have rules here is a link that explains them if you want to read over the rules: Forums Rules and Regulations Secondly here is a link to our Join Section Application, read over the topic as well as our Code of Conduct before posting your application please. Link to Application and Code of Conduct After that is done go ahead and make a post with your application. Here is a link to do that: Post Application here Again Welcome back to the forums as well as KSI if you have any questions please send me a DM.