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  1. Theres no way
  2. Where is everyone at? Btw Every congratulate our old General Ezekial on his promotion to Co Founder!
  3. Disregard that request. Thanks bud
  4. Thats what I have been trying to tell they guys but they dont listen.
  5. Good just waiting for the activity to improve
  6. Hows it going buddy.
  7. I dont disagree that meetings should be held on discord. But the forums has squad chats for a reason.
  8. There we go. Got it to work finally.
  9. Demonic. Have you not registered?
  10. It is an easy fix if people just take the time to do it
  11. I think discord is destroying the forums activity. Instead of getting new recruits to sign up on the forums we are having them join the discord server. I dont agree with it, if anything the forums should come first. But I feel much differently then a lot of you will but the old generation of KSI the forums was everything, you werent getting promoted to officer if you didnt post multiple times a week on the forums.
  12. The great Airborn. Yes it is me. SGT in Orion
  13. This inactivity will be fixed soon enough. I will make it my sole purpose as your new SGT.
  14. Hello RD, I have returned again. We are going to start by making sure the forums are properly utilized. That will be my main goal as a SGT in Orion
  15. Can I get Moderator over "Education Department Staff" and "Closed Courses Area" in the Education Department. Please and Thank you.