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  1. RD Forums Competition

    Updated as of this last post. Keep up the good work and get this post out to everybody!
  2. RD Forums Competition

    Hello RD I am holding a forums competition starting as soon as this is posted so right now because you are looking at it. This forums competition is going to be squad based. How this is going to go is you are going to post a reply in this topic starting with mine and it is going to look like mine below. This is going to last until October 1st at 9 PM Pacific Time and 12 am EST time October 2nd. Each post for a squad will count as 1 point for that squad. I will keep track in this post and update it almost daily. The squad that wins is going to get their own squad tournament of the Generals and Officers choice. I will be hosting that prize and it is not going to just be a name change. It is going to be big. Phantom: 3 Xerxes: 1 Hades: 9 Orion: 2 Kratos: 3 Artemis: 1 Sparta: 2 Nemesis: 2 So here is the example post and the first point KSI Airborn 7 Phantom RD Co-Founder
  3. News Team Applications

    Put the handbook in your application
  4. Phantom RD Chat

    Hey bro I had to edit your post. We dont allow phone numbers on the forums for your safety. But just start inviting people off the squad tag friends list. If you have no one invite me my man.
  5. Dead forums.

    Idk about you but these forums havent been this active in over 6 years if you look at the numbers. Its progressing in the correct direction. Of course it cant be as good as 2007-2009 but thats a different era and community size
  6. FTLA 202 Application

    FTLA 202 Registration 1. What is your Gamertag or PSN? 2. What squad and division are you in? 3. What have you applied from FTLA 101 to your KSI career? 4. What does FTLA 101 prepare you for? 5. Why are you interested in taking FTLA 202? 6. Do you understand that you must have completed FTLA 101 before taking FTLA 202 courses? 7. Are you interested in becoming a FTLA mentor? 8. What is being open minded?
  7. FTLA 101 Application

    Registration For FTLA 101 1. Do you fully understand the FTLA guidelines, and the KSI Code of Conduct? 2. Do you fully understand that FTLA will consist of multiple classes, benchmarks, and scenarios that will be very challenging? 3. Which leader recommended you to take this course? 4. Do you understand that their will be strict rules and guidelines regarding mandatory, meetings, and testing? 5. How long have you been in KSI and why did you join? 6. What is your rank and squad? 7. Have you been blacklisted or DnHed, if so why? 8. Everyone has a strength and weakness. What do you think your strengths and weakness are? 9. Name of General or up that recommended you?
  8. Open game type squad

    So what happens when that 70% halo gets its own squad. What if the other games cant build? Then you have 15 members from Destiny just sitting there. So what now. Where do you go from here? Keep splitting the Halo 5 squad and leave KSI members behind?
  9. Open game type squad

    The point is these people creating these squads cant build a normal squad KSI has always based a squad on a gametype. That will never change because it works. Your process is confusing and its not normal to think like that. Lets just create a squad where people can play whatever they want and not have any organization. There is no structure when its like that. Lol. It makes no sense to me.
  10. Open game type squad

    Okay and being in a squad doesnt mean you have to only play that game lol? You guys just dont get it.
  11. NEW to KSI

    Welcome to KSI and thank you for joining the forums. We are happy that you are happy to be here. We hope you enjoy your time. If you have any questions about the forums or KSI do not be afraid to contact someone from the Moderation staff. Again welcome to KSI
  12. Open game type squad

    This is no offense to anyone but in my personal opinion the only reason you would need an open game type squad is because you cant build a squad on a single game. Whats the point why not just build a squad for each game?
  13. Open game type squad

    What about game nights? Does game nights consist of matches on every game you recruit for?
  14. Open game type squad

    I dont care about how I come off
  15. Open game type squad

    That works until you dont have anyone in the most popular game that can run the new squad. So what then?