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  1. Wes

    Pikachu 7 is back in the HOUSE!

    I worked under Goku in LS in United, my only connection to the old school Last Strike. However, when I first joined Global in late '08 I was part of Final Vengeance and we were constantly rivaling you guys for numbers. Good times.
  2. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    Hit me up for some Halo 5 sometime dude I got a squad full of goons you can game with anytime
  3. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    What do you play these days, Kalem?
  4. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    Back in 2011 there was a bunch of drama and KSI was split and the majority is under FuzzyMeep now including most of us. But yeah not gonna promote the website on here or anything.
  5. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    That was a different Vegeta. Though I did work under that Goku in United. And I'm on the Xbox One - KSI Wes 7 is my gamertag, feel free to add me. And yeah what Rags said lol.
  6. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    Let's be friends. I went by KSI Marine Sgt in 08-09, KSI Vegeta 7 in United in '10, and KSI Stryker 7 in late '10-'11. Now it's just Wes because I prefer me real name
  7. Wes

    Kalem's Return

    Do I know you?
  8. Wes

    Pikachu 7 is back in the HOUSE!

    OG Last Strike. Nothing but respect.
  9. Preoccupied with school haha.
  10. Long time no see KSI. Been chatting up the forums these past few days but have yet to make a formal topic. I'm was KSI Stryker 7 back in 2011, been in KSI since late 2008. How y'all doin?
  11. ANΔPIZEΣΘE - "Be Men"

  12. Wes


    lucky poi vs. natas
  13. Red For Rags!