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    Obviously games, Pool is a biggie im in leagues with that... Movies and trying to retire early dont like wasting my life away working haha

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  1. so much for you being a team player..

  2. hi there, Aime, you did well in the game match yesterday! You are always a team player and I love that about you.

  3. haha yeah was taken at a IHOP in TX last summer after good night at the clubs.

  4. your picture was it taken in an IHOP looks like one i worked at

  5. Oh yeah, I agree about the site being really confusing. I can rarely find anything and have to search through hundreds of posts. Not organized very well.

  6. What is wrong with scrap booking... what is your favorite movie?

  7. Wow this site confusing haha. scrapbooking???lol ok then cool lil bear muffins though :P