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    My interests include Halo, MMA, Girls, Wrestling, Helping KSI in anyway I can, and trying to stay in shape as much as I can

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  1. Meep is smexy.....

    1. Airborn 7

      Airborn 7

      Hey message me on xbox or men bro

  2. I miss pissing you off by asking you to do petty things or just being random in the shoutbox lol!

  3. KSI is a joke now.....

  4. Boondock saints 2 is commin out in like 4 days on dvd... This is prolly irrelevant to this part of the forum but we all love the saints you dig?

  5. You should delete my old tag off of your friends.

  6. I try sending you a message buy it says you cant recieve them why!!! =(

  7. Vanished in the house woo woo !!!!

  8. hey man i was wondering if you would keep a spot on kSI Exiled H2 for me my subscription ran out and im about to get a 360 finally and i loved the atmosphere of KSI thanks ThePinkpather

  9. Thanks MIST it was fun...but it would have been even more fun wit my honey buns!!!

  10. I would like to nominate KSI REAPER 7X

  11. Have fun on your vacation!

  12. You have been awarded the PINKLIST OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! I know you will wear it well...CONGRATS! ;)

  13. hey baby ily happy bday no homo lol