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  1. dude... i just started up WoW. I created a blood elf paladin. Server is Kael' thas or something close to that. Name of my character is Pappicious.

  2. swanka... make sure gunnerpronto gets into cartel. he's another H2O joining.

  3. Hey,

    This is the gamer formerly known as H2O Magnum PI. All of us are over here. Welcome aboard!

  4. Kurt Cobain's old gamertag was AnimeNinja. I wasn't calling you anime. hehe.

  5. wow anime. you need to talk properly. I feel you should join us at 8:00 pm. (eastern standard time) It would be a nice time to enjoy your company.

  6. i put a picture up of me finally. lets just say i was having a good time. i pretty much terrified that kid in the picture. good times are always guaranteed when i enjoy tasty beverages.

  7. better now that i've heard from you. i thought you'd never talk to me again after our rough first date we shared. i still love you.

  8. was your picture taken when you were in high school? That looks like either a swisher sweet without the plastic tip or good old homerollled country punch cigars? etiher way, you gotta invest in some better cigars.

  9. thanks for the welcome! everyone over here at ksi has been nothing but ridiculously kind.

  10. oh by the way.... missed ya bro. no homo

  11. i am here to make sure you don't freak out in any gamebattles.

  12. I appreciate you making me your B* today when you helped me out today. I guess I owe you one.

    Thanks Bro.