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  1. guuuuuunaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EW why do you have so many h2os on your page? ickkyyy.

  2. Hey man.. sup?? Just couldn't do the things wanted of me anymore.. like give ideas.. since they stopped listening to them! LOL.. what division/squad you in?

  3. Swanka, long time no see. Dude I'm surprised you left H20, oh well. Nice to see you.

  4. I don't remember you, we were prolly in h2o at seperate times

  5. Hey,

    This is the gamer formerly known as H2O Magnum PI. All of us are over here. Welcome aboard!

  6. Dude I think that I am being recruited in Firestorm. Im sure, but i mean if i knew that you guys joined I would have suggested to join urs.

  7. wats up man how u been r u joining ksi? if so wat squad we run our own waw squad called cartel synthetic reality hit us up your more then welcomed to come over swanka is the general im the major basically leader n co leader ttyl

  8. Holy Balls. Godfather? Dude its Gunar, err I mean H2O Gunner. Its nice to see that you left H2o, but I will always remember Omicron.