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  1. Opening the Blacklist to KSI?

    Ask your Division Leadership who the current blacklisted members and communities are. Messages are sent out when someone is blacklisted/DNH.
  2. Admin Request Box.

    Please remove from Trial Graphics KSI Death Suns https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/48002-ksi-death-suns/ Please remove from Graphics Artist KSI Majestic 7 https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/19484-ksi-majestic-7/
  3. NFL team Favorite?

  4. Star's GFX App

    I think we all do
  5. Star's GFX App

    Use a different text color, something from the stock, with an outerglow. Take the stroke off of the KSI logo as well.
  6. KSI Ezekiel UD Sig Request

    Sorry for the wait.
  7. Star's GFX App

    What's good Star. Fill some requests. Post your work here. Knock the rust off. Do you by chance have Discord?
  8. Feedback

    GFX Stuff. Will elaborate at a unknown time in the next few days.
  9. Game's Pub

    First round is on me. I want a good seat though.
  10. Congratulations to the following members for winning their respective categories for SOTW. Keep up the great work! Veteran SOTW Winner: @Furian 7 Amateur SOTW Winner: @Anatomy <3
  11. SOTW Voting

    Choose which you believe is the best from the options below. 1.) 2.) 3.)
  12. To All Members of KSI

    Awesome job to all of the Divisions, Leaders, and members alike. Haven't been back for too long, but everything that I have experienced so far is fantastic. Great to be back, and see KSI thriving as a whole. Let's keep up the good work
  13. Furian's Gallery


  15. AAP Awards Running List

    There's currently only 2 GA's active. Please bear with us as we try to complete all the requests that are currently active. I apologize for the delay.