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  1. I got money on my mind.

  2. Stop hiding muhhh Rawrasaur Apps! (please)

  3. Stop hiding muhhh Rawrasaur Apps! (please)

  4. Awh... banned?? That's depressing

  5. 1. you have to keep me entertained. 2. How could i miss her? She dominated ;) 3. Thanks for showing up once in a while :P

  6. Hey sweetheart... I miss you.. You're my mexican firecracker. I'm gonna spam your page with how much i love you :)

    <3 Steph :wub:

  7. Munsin, your too cool for my respect list ;)

  8. Happy Birthday John.

  9. Happy Birthday John.

  10. Fox.

    I see your coming around here again. Hit me up.

  11. Fox.

    Six, how you been man?

  12. I need a pokemon. i feel left out. Even though you dont reallys know me.