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  1. KSI Blk Xer0 7


    My team is good and ready to challenge a few guys to a friendly scrimmage. I apologize ahead of time if this isn't the place for this post, I couldn't find anywhere else... If interested, please contact me here for further details or to set something up. I am unable to access live at the time, but I will point you in the right direction if you are indeed interested and ready for a good challenge.
  2. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    Why did you Join KSI?

    Joined back in 06, clashpunk and razr and my boy 4shot wanted me join just cause I was good... back during the Halo 2 days and we had teams and scrimmages and clan battles, etc. etc. I remember razr asked me to join for a good couple weeks and I always said no, a couple days went by and clash asked me to join and I said yes lol. Funniest thing in the world, clash and 4shot was so mad at me when they found out... Any o who, I joined because the people were cool as hell at the time. Regards, Old school LE member (the real LE)
  3. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island in 2 months... OMGMGGMGMMGGMMGMGMGMGM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    16 Superbowl

    Who is your pick for the superbowl this fine season. I am a Patriots fan, and I am going with Patriots and Cowboys. I will go so far as to say a score too...... Uhm...... I will say Patriots over the Boys 38 - 17
  5. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    Favorite book

    Man, that's hard.... I got too many My Life In Dog Years Secret Teachings of All Ages Hatchet Touching Spirit Bear Hunted
  6. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    Congratulations KSI

    Once upon a time KSI was in the 10's of thousands of members. I guess that was during the golden age of online gaming, though.
  7. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    Anonymous Doing the right thing or not

    ^ Boooooooo AO's. Booooo !!! If you aint ABH you aint shhhh -back in my lane
  8. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    How long have you been in KSI?

    True leader ^. I miss the old days, man.
  9. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    How long have you been in KSI?

    In since 05 or 06 whichever one, I can't remember. Been in or around up til I joined the Navy in 2011. Was recruited by clash and 4 shot in LE division, back when Yuki was over us. Mentored by Yuki, Salu2, Apollyon and a couple others I can't remember right off the top of my head. Hooyah
  10. KSI Blk Xer0 7


    Happy birthday grunts.. Rah -Navy
  11. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    What is the best game you have ever played?

    Killer Instinct SNES http://www.youtubeskip.com/watch?v=K29mHVbK0_I
  12. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    KSI YouTube channel

    my youtube account is entitled 'ksigaming' , been that way for years since i was a peon back in KSI.
  13. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    What song are you listening to?

    2013- Justin Timberlake Album is on repeat
  14. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    KSI YouTube channel

    What was the account name?