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  1. Cer7ified

    Oh Boyo

    I highly doubt Christ will ever join a community again lol
  2. Currently in the Army. By the way, don't join the army!
  3. Cer7ified

    Oh Boyo

    johnny boy! how've ya been ya silly cuss? lol
  4. Cer7ified

    Oh Boyo

    It's me once again guys! For those who don't know me, I went by KSI Certified 7 back in my community days. I'm a KSI Hall of Famer and i'm looking to get back into the swing of things. Not really clan ops related. Although building is a passion of mine, I do not have the time to commit that is required to build efficiently. My xbox gamertag is ARC Sir T 5 but I am only able to play games that are cross platform with PC as that is my primary gaming medium lol. My focus will be graphic design as I am currently in the process of obtaining a degree in visual effects. Hit me up! I always miss KSI.
  5. Cer7ified

    is SR still around?

    hmmmm do I know you?
  6. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    Alright then, hit me up when you get the chance. KSI Certifiedx7
  7. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    On xbox would be faster
  8. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    KSI Servo 7. Contact him.
  9. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    Who is your director?
  10. Cer7ified

    I have a question I'm new here

    I don't care who you, your momma, your daddy, or anyone associated with you is. You may be an old KSI member but that was then. This is mine and everyone's KSI now not yours. So you can just leave. We have no need for arrogant pricks.
  11. Cer7ified

    I have a question I'm new here

    To make it blunt, Get over it. It's the bottem rank. People like you are the reason KSI has a sh.t reputation.
  12. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    well I can only suggest that you request a division transfer from your division leader
  13. Cer7ified

    Squads for Xbox 1

    Not sure what you really mean but CC is completely xbox one
  14. Cer7ified

    I have a question I'm new here

    no comment.