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  1. Np Man. BTW do u play anything else? or sing?

  2. yeah. i actually heard you play on myspace, your good.

  3. Wow My Friend Has The Zakk Wylde Set, it ridiculous

  4. i have the same foot switch. i mostly play drums. i have a pearl forum A Series

    pitch black cymbals

    4 hightoms

    2 low

    3 crash symbols

    2 bass's

    2 high hat

    1 ride

    and 1 sub ride.

    How Much Is Your Epiphone with you pickups? because i know epiphone les pauls are in a variety of pirces.

  5. Hey Spider, What Guitar Do You Usually Play With. The Les Paul In The Picture Or Do You Have Others?

  6. im gunna try and get your sig done tomorrow, i hope. i have football and hockey like all day so if im not to exhausted ill hook u up.

  7. Wow, Your sig is the shiit!

  8. i hope mick vick gets signed

  9. i hope mick vick gets signed

  10. dude what happend to you?

  11. hey i used to know you way back in halo 2, i was in ksi paladin SR with mavfreak

  12. ey i made you the siggy :D

  13. yo,fuzzy could i have some points for a sig?

  14. Yo fuzzy, could i get a bit of points so i can get a sig.? thx man