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  1. Season 3 Applications

    Hello KSI! KSI Global Podcast is an old team sorta and is usually on and off but we want to fix that starting this Season 3. So I am looking for a few good men *or women* who are willing to help out and make a wonderful podcast. So a few things to keep in mind before applying and mind the bluntness 1. Nex is needy 2. We record YOU! Mostly skype so if you have good connection and a decent mic then it should be fine 3. Have some brains and knowledge of KSI and the outside world. We are gonna talk about stuff that will require you to think so have some brains. 4. Understand deadlines! 5. Yet to be determined on this haha Co-Hosts are those who will be on the show with Nex Addo. I will explain a bit more on this if you apply. Editor is someone who will help out Nex Addo on the back of the house stuff. This job is a bit different and I will get with you if you apply. Name: Current Title/Rank: Are you available since we record on Saturdays? Do you use Skype? Do you have a decent mic? How long have you been with KSI Global.com? Tell me why you want to join Podcast and what do you bring to the table?

    This section is being updated! Please bare in mind this may take a couple of weeks. Thank you, Vincent "Nex Addo" Chief of Human Resources
  3. KSI Domination

  4. KSI Domination

    Arkane Kings : 21 points Fierce Uprising : 24 points Firestorm : 25 points Hell Fire : 27 points Lost Empire : 48 points Reality Dynasty : 24 points Synthetic Reality : 46 points Web Operations : 1 point
  5. KSI Domination

  6. KSI Domination

    Arcane Kings : 24 points Fierce Uprising : 25 points Firestorm : 25 points Hell Fire : 24 points Lost Empire : 23 points Reality Dynasty : 25 points Synthetic Reality : 25 points Web Operations : 29 points
  7. KSI Domination

    Arcane Kings : 25 points Fierce Uprising : 25 points Firestorm : 25 points Hell Fire : 25 points Lost Empire : 23 points Reality Dynasty : 25 points Synthetic Reality : 25 points Web Operations : 27 points
  8. Operating Rules

    This topic shows rules that have been made under this team and that can change but are in policy. Keep this topic in mind. Rules/Policies have unique names and then deifination. ATTN: AT ALL TIMES DIFFERENT DECISIONS CAN BE MADE IT IS AT THE DISCRETION OF THE LEADERS AT TIME. ---------------------------------- "Leave and Return" [Two Strike System] 1. Defined as a member who leaves web operations or a team in Web Ops and requests a return. a. If a members chooses to leave and requests a return within 14 days they may return but must seek approval from the team leads before coming back to a team. i.e. Member X leaves Z Team and wants to come back, the team lead of Z can allow or deny. b. If the same members leaves again and requests a return within 15 days this member will be denied and must reapply after 30 days. ---------------------------------- "Rule of 3" 1. Defined by the amount of departments a member can be apart of. + Excluded are Judges, Moderators, Twitch Activators If a member applies for a team and this is the fourth team they apart of the member must choose which team they want to be in. A member must never be in more then three teams at one time. Team Leads, members. and Dir. of WEB OPS are held accountable for this. ---------------------------------- "Shared Punishment" 1. A member who is DNHed from clan operations as a whole and not just specific divisions shall then be DNHed from Web Operations. Blacklist of course is the whole community + For example if KSI Smith 7 was DHNed from BO but not the others then they can still be in Web Operations. ----------------------------------
  9. rave nite' 7s appeal

    I have to excuse myself from this case as I am going to post for her chracter. Rave has currently been serving under the podcast group. She has been in many podcast shows and is every week helping me out. Rave has shown ton of remorse in her actions and while I know that some leaders find it difficult to trust her and so forth I do believe that rave is not harmful to this community. She has shown great effort and has never at one point in her KSI career done damage to this community but has worked hard to make sure that we are doing better. I believe that she will do better and help our community grown and she has already started with Podcast. If anyone Judge needs me to comment further or has questions please inform me. Thank You.
  10. Official Requests

    Ill have to look for them in our past requests
  11. Facebook

    So we have a facebook but we want to better utilize it... What do you want from our Facebook page?
  12. Official Requests

  13. Marketing Department

    I will address this in our meeting
  14. July 25, 2017 RE: Discord and Forums with Web Operations Six months ago our team beta tested discord usage, today it's become a focal point to everyday operations of the Web Operations. In the past couple of months DOWO has been reviewing forums and Discord usage. Today we're announcing plans that will start Sunday July 30th on how discord and forums will be used. We do want to make sure that we focus our Discord - Quick announcements i.e (OTM is now starting or please look at the application in AAP) - Quick easy discussions and simple chit-chat - Setting up meeting times - To get someone's attention - Voice meetings Forums - Meeting notes and record keeping - Long form discussions (how do we change the style of News Team) For a little while the DOWO will help out Web Operations to organize communication as need be. Nex Addo, Director of Web Operations Mizz Airy, Assistant Director of Web Operations
  15. This application is to fulfill the role that will sadly be vacant once Mizz Airy leaves the Department of Web Operations to peruse better options. So we open this application to all and everyone shall be considered. Here are a few details to know first COPY AND PASTE JUST THE APPLICATION IN THIS TOPIC AS A REPLY! 1. This person will directly work hand in hand with KSI Nex Addo and answer to him 2. This person will have an extensive training opportunity that will take possible 1.5 months (you will work directly with Mizz Airy and Nex Addo) 3. Must be able to use the forums 4. Must have been in KSIGlobal.com for at least 5 months 5. Must have good ethic in KSI and not currently in trouble, DNHed, or of course Blacklisted 6. Must have OPEN availability 7. Must have some fun cause Nex Addo is no fun 8. This person will help Nex Addo make decisions for the KSI Web Opeartions Teams 9. Must get along with OTHERS! ----APPLICATION BELOW---- Name & Current Gamertag: Past Gamertags: Current Title(s)/Ranks: Do you follow our social media? How often do you use/look at the forums? Tell us something about you Why do you think you could help out the KSI Web Operations? How long have you been in KSI? Have you ever been apart of a KSI Global Web Team? What do you currently do in KSI?