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  1. KSI Battle 14 Awards part 2

    Mentor and Role model are off forums. Due to his ban on forums he is not eligible for forums only awards
  2. KSI Battle 14 Awards

    accomplished - Left and just came back this is ineligible Se7en - Left and just came back this is ineligible
  3. Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    DENIED. You are already in teams you left. You will need to work up to more teams for Now. Nex Addo
  4. Gotta Start Again Somewhere

    Thank you for taking intreast in the News Team once again bud. Give us about 24 to 48 hours for a response. Nex Addo, Director of Departments
  5. ksi diablo news team

    Hey I am sorry they havent been able to get back to you. I will help out with this application. Could you write one or two paragraphs about something gaming or KSI Related? Something you would put on the Front page of our site. Nex Addo, Director of Departments
  6. I ban Calamitosis for sucking at that post
  7. I ban Devil Cat for being a potato
  8. YouTube Series Thumbnail

  9. All that is below is what each department under the Director of Departments is required to achieve. This topic will be edited often and will be told to by the DoD when updated. *Each metric is measured and must be met unless otherwise stated from the Director of Departments. *Metrics are measured from Thursday to Wednesday. ie. 10/5 - 10/11 *Metrics are always being added and removed. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Achievement Awards Program - 20 or more requests a week - 5 or less pending to be approved or denied (This can be looked over if need be) - OTM has 50 or more (When applicable) News Team - 4 Articles a week (Two towards KSI | Two towards industry) - Avg Read of all articles that week 30 (excludes OTM) Productions Team - 2 Videos/wk uploaded - 25 Average Per Video - Less then 6 days from one upload to the next Twitch Team* - 30 New Followers a Week Tournament & Events Team* *Denotes that metrics are still being worked on.
  10. Admin Request Box.

    Thats been done just now. I was a bit behind on that
  11. Cause I hate the show afte season 2 I hope that it is cancelled lol
  12. Official Requests

    Yea this is great and correct.
  13. September of the Month Winners

    KSI Global every month gives the community a chance to recognize those who have been seen by their peers for doing their part in this community. Each month we want to thank every member of this community for making a difference and during the month of September the following are those who stood out to their fellow members for numerous reasons. TO HAVE THE TWITCH EXPERIENCE: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181740463 "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." - Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player KSI GAME 7 "Senior Leader of The Month" KSI Mizz Airy "Director of the Month" KSI Anubis 7 "Division Leader of the Month" KSI Blazedaily 7 "CoDivision Leader of the Month" KSI Hardman 7 "Founder of the Month" KSI Altair S7 "CoFounder of the Month" KSI Packers 97 "General of the Month" KSI x Partyboy X "Officer of the Month" KSI DoWrk "Member of the Month" KSI panda sr "Global Member of the Month" KSI Airborn 7 "Forums Staff Member of the Month" KSI Hoedoor "Streamer of the Month"
  14. Weekly Updates from Leads

    Weekly Updates from Leads This Form Must be PMed to @Nex Addo TO NOTE: The Lead or CoLead needs to submit this. It is DUE EVERY WEDNESDAY unless otherwise told SUBJECT OF MESSAGE : *Department* Weekly Update Date you Worked on This? Did you work with your (co)Lead? (If Applicable) Current Amount of Team Members? (ACTIVE) Did you complete any tasks you, your team, or the Director of Departments Set out for the team? What tasks are you planning on this week till next submission? Now pleae write about a paragraph of the current status of the team, what barriers are you facing and how do you want to fix them, and other notes you'd like to share with me