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About Me

My name is Vincent and I am the Director of Web Operation to KSI Global and a Certified Pharmacy Tech to the pharmacy I work at.  I have been around KSI in a LONG time and have been known for many things in KSI from clan ops to webops. I have always loved KSI and if you ever need anything please let me know and ask


ClanOPS Histoy....

I have been in KSI almost a year, if though I have been in and out there are reasons why and some are only known to a few. About a year ago I joined KSI in the KGB division. Not long after I went somewhere else and don't remember, I was transferred then after the unnamed place to BlackOPS [bO]. I got up to the rank of Co-Founder and for a long time I never got along with the leaders there were many issues and I believe that BlackOPS wouldn't be in the potion it was if certain people weren't leading, but not BlackOPS is doing good with the new leaders it has. In that division I and KSI KIRA 7 became Acting Div and CODIV Leaders of BO for a while.

I had to leave by force of some people out of KSI, I wasn't no DNHed or BLed. After my leaving of KSI I rejoined Semper Fi and wasn't there very long and we wont go there. Then I joined Double Helix, which is the best division I have been in, my last position in CLANOPS was the Founder of Double Helix.

News Team and AAP....

I served as the News Director for almost two years bringing KSI some great stories and exposes. I will always adore and appreciate the News Team no matter what. I also Headed the AAP team and set trends and goals and took after some of the best leaders of the program.


Right Before I left.......

I was a Site Administrator and Head of the AAP. I also am Head Admin for the KSI Global page. I serve as the Founder of BO. I always work with CAO, CNO, CGA, CA, and CEO

As of Today...

I am currently serving as the Director of Web Operations and Assistant Chief Justice





News Staff of The Year - KSI Nex Addo (2010)(2015)(2016)
"KSI Nex Addo has been bumping up the activity in the news team in a way that's quite refreshing. His willingness to stretch out to encompass everything that this community can be has surpassed every expectation. Instead of just reporting the news, he reaches into every aspect he can, with Social Media, Interviews, Podcasts, and people themselves. Going above and beyond what is expected, is his amazing talent. We look forward to news articles on the forums for his creativity and to see what he is going to do next."

- KSI Rave Night 7, 2015