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  1. Old School KSI Halo 3 tonight. ;)

  2. Brain 7

    Looking for people to play with.

    Everything but flood, grifball, and Swat.
  3. Anyone play this game? My friends just seem to disappear. Looking for some people to play Halo with. Send me a friend request if you're active and preferably have a KD higher than 1, at least. - Brain 7
  4. Brain = SEX GOD!!!

    all bow to BRAIN!!!

  5. hey brian the sig kinda pic u made in the gerneral section one was XD can u make me a bigger one or give me the link becuase i want to make a XD'S myspace

  6. Brain 7


    Real clean.
  7. Brain 7

    4300k 55 watt Digital HIDs

  8. Brain 7


    I hope it's got a clutch!
  9. Brain 7


    Look at this newbie trying to copy my favorite photo angle.
  10. [email protected] comment section.. tha's only cos we love ya!

  11. its cuz u drive an acura

  12. I sware, I must have the strangest comment section of anyone on the forums.