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    Professional Graphic Designer
    Hobbies: Car Detailing (paint perfectionist), Video Games, Photography.
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  1. Old School KSI Halo 3 tonight. ;)

  2. Brain = SEX GOD!!!

    all bow to BRAIN!!!

  3. hey brian the sig kinda pic u made in the gerneral section one was XD can u make me a bigger one or give me the link becuase i want to make a XD'S myspace

  4. KSI Brain 7

    Local friendly Graphic Designer.
  5. G35(3).jpg

    Real clean.
  6. 4300k 55 watt Digital HIDs

  7. G35.jpg

    I hope it's got a clutch!
  8. DSC00395_11.jpg

    Look at this newbie trying to copy my favorite photo angle.
  9. [email protected] comment section.. tha's only cos we love ya!

  10. its cuz u drive an acura

  11. I sware, I must have the strangest comment section of anyone on the forums.