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  1. Old School KSI Halo 3 tonight. ;)

  2. KSI Brain 7

    Local friendly Graphic Designer.
  3. 4300k 55 watt Digital HIDs

    From the album KSI Brain 7

    The HIDs after 2 months. Slight color shift. Now I need HID fogs!!!
  4. G35(3).jpg

    Real clean.
  5. 4300k 55 watt Digital HIDs

  6. G35.jpg

    I hope it's got a clutch!
  7. HIDs.jpg

    From the album KSI Brain 7

  8. HIDs_2.jpg

    From the album KSI Brain 7

  9. DSC00395_11.jpg

    Look at this newbie trying to copy my favorite photo angle.
  10. I sware, I must have the strangest comment section of anyone on the forums.

  11. For those that dont believe...

  12. eclipse 5.jpg

    Drop that bitc* yo!
  13. Engine Bay Detail.

    From the album KSI Brain 7

    So fresh and so clean.
  14. Word to the wise. NEVER put your real address on the internet.


  15. Engine Bay Detail.

    I was so close to buying a SRI from K&N for $170!!! Called up my dealer and they had told me as long as it didn't change the readings on the O2 sensor for emissions that I could do it on a lease. But then my financial advisor (Dad) shut that down. lol
  16. Engine Bay Detail.

    I wish! No, everything is Type S stockalicous. It's a lease right now, but the plan is that in two years I can buy it, will have a job, and will start modding it. Just showing off my super clean engine that I cleaned up two days ago. She's almost got 19,000 miles.
  17. My Car.jpg

    Looks like you have some good beading action on the hood there!
  18. 2514882_17_full.jpg

    Well, I thought it was clean until I saw the back. Not a fan of those tail lights and paint that wing! I assume it's not a GSR since it's auto?
  19. That's it, the gloves are off you! ;)

  20. DSC_0626.jpg

    From the album KSI Brain 7

    Spring Detail - Swirl Free
  21. DSC_0622.jpg

    From the album KSI Brain 7

    Spring Detail - Swirl Free